What This Is

Hello everyone,

Around the age of 17 I started writing what a generous person would call “poems”. Several such souls have suggested I collect them together in some sort of online entity, and today I have done so. These, roughly, are my collected poetic works, all together in a pile, for anyone to read if they would like to. They are presented in roughly chronological order, without commentary, although I would happy to answer any questions anyone has about context or interpretation. I will be adding new works as they come into existence

Thanks for reading,

Mike Bonikowsky

2 responses to “What This Is

  • Bethany

    Mike – this is awesome. Rarely can you read one person’s stuff and feel that every single poem resonates and touches some central part of you, but that is how I connect when you write. Thanks for putting up this website – I know from experience how hard it is to share your most intimate artistic self with everyone…

    It’s true that a lot of the stuff I write is really structured…I am also a mathematician at heart, as well as a poet. 😉 But I also love trying to do more freeverse type stuff as well…it’s mostly posted on my other blog, though, which is realworldhollow@wordpress.com. I decided to try and keep that blog for general posts and stuff that i’m working on…and the toshpoems.com is the official “personalized poetry” site.

    Anyways, please keep up the beautiful work! 🙂

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