Potty Training

The boy has wet himself again

And he thinks that I can’t tell

But it is very evident

From his bearing and his smell.


He doesn’t seem uncomfortable

He doesn’t seem to mind

It’s nice and warm, a little while,

After all, it’s his behind.


But pretty soon I’ll chase him down

Pretty soon I’ll scrub him clean

Pretty soon I’ll wash his bits, and

Everywhere his hands have been.


And then the boy will howl at me

And then how the boy will weep

And then the boy will gnash his teeth

As I my foul harvest reap.


Being clean means nothing to him

For naught he knows of diaper rash

Freedom is all he wants of me

So those little teeth, he gnash.


And I would let him run and play

I would leave him to his mess

I would let him have his way if

I only loved a little less.

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