Ash Wednesday 2015

One Wednesday when the world is grey

And the wind is calling

We leave the covers and the bed,

To let the wind come in.


For ancient reasons, half-believed

We trade the warm indoors

For the howl and the flying snow.

To be clothed by the gale.


We go forth in just these bodies

too fat, too thin, too old

Calling with our mouths full of dust

And our eyes full of ash.


The wind blows where it pleases, and

It tears our shrouds away

Until we see what we’ve become

Beneath our winter things.


Now forty days is far too long

To live so, in winter

So they bury empty caskets

And give our things away.


Till one Sunday when spring has come

They find us on the porch

Fast asleep, finely dressed, faces

Full forgotten by Death.

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