Easter 2018

I rolled a stone across my heart

Because it had become a tomb.

I found no sign of life in it

And so I set the seals, and slept.


I lay the winter long until

My blood ran thick as maple sap

Till my pulse was lizard-slow and

I could believe I’d died indeed.


But now the spring has come again

To break the seals of ice and dark

The roots are set to dancing and

My children call me out to play.


And to my horror and my joy

I find myself alive again

I try to call and run to them

“But who will roll away the stone?”


I am crying and am answered

With a movement in the dark.

I did not live, nor did I die

Nor was I buried there alone.


For he who was entombed with me

Did not come to rest in peace

He comes to harrow, and to raise

And to roll away the stone.


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