Monthly Archives: September 2017

First Day Of School

Four years is not a long long time

But it’s all the life you’ve had so far

And so far I have got to be there

For all the life you’ve lived.


Seeing each new thing you saw

With you as you saw it

Hearing each new sound you heard

With you as you heard it.


When you were born

I could hold you in one hand.

But you grew and grew until

No strength of mine could keep you here.


Now your long strong legs

Will carry you, out the door to where

Red lights flash on a yellow bus

And the glass door comes between us.


Now you’ll live, and I won’t see it

You’ll see and I won’t share

You’ll sing and I won’t hear it

But you were never just for me.


Four years is not a long long time

But I got to be there

For all the life you’ve had till now

And so I will be grateful.


This is a house for the haunting

Full of silence, full of groaning

Of cries that can’t be understood.

And questions that can’t be answered


This is a house for the leaving

A door the neighbors hurry past

Where the letters do not arrive

And the telephones are silent.


This is the house of wasted time

Of aimless days and weeks and years

Of lives robbed of their purposes

And stories that have no meaning.


Here in the room no home contains

Defended by my protocols

I patrol the paperwork wall

‘Tween me and them, and beg You be


The light sent unto her blindness

To be the song his deafness hears

The firmness ‘neath her trembling limbs

The loudest voice his madness brings.


Oh God if You are here tonight

You came in quiet as a ghost.

But if this is not a haunted house

Then Your temples too are empty.