Monthly Archives: January 2017

On The First Day Of The Year

Lamb of God
Come gentle to us
Already weary
Already wounded
On the first day of the year.

Lion of Judah
Take us in your jaws
Already jaded
Already sleeping
On the first day of the year.

Dialysis Unit

There is a machine in that place

That takes your blood and makes it clean

It sets your chemicals to rights

Then puts them back inside of you

And you are well again, a while.


But if you don’t return

In three days you will die.


And that is how we do things here.

We push our poisons back until

They grow too thick and strong and

For the machine to save us from

And we die as our fathers did.


There is another way

But it is hard to want.


To let the Lamb that was slain

Lay down with us in our deathbed

To open our veins, and His own

And loose His red and living roar

Down the empty halls of our hearts.

For Gus and Amy

Come and let us raise them up

Down by the summer sea

Till they are high and flying like

His banner over me.


Come and let us raise them til

This sad divided world can see

What the Lord has done for them

How whole a human heart can be.