Monthly Archives: March 2016

Brendan the Navigator

You wake to a day

Blank as the face of the sea

All your life before you

An ocean to be crossed.


The crowds were cheering at the pier

On the day of your departure

Follow your dreams!

Follow your heart!


But remember that

Of the hundred directions you can go,

One finds safe harbor,

And the rest a death by drowning.


So give your rudder to the deep

And give your steerage

To the Lord of wind and tide

Of seabed and of storm.


Take the wind He sends you

However slight, it is your truest course

Take your eyes from chart and compass

Raise them up, and rest.


For today the horizon

Is cold water and grey sky

But one morning

It will be something else.


Your red and saltstained eyes

Will find their long desiring

And your longing ears

Will know the sound of breakers on the beach.


And you will crawl ashore

From the wreckage of plans you made

To see the country rise before you

Where you will be found.