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Advent 2015

Carolers come, and let us sing

Of when He came in like a thief

To the camp of the enemy

In the dark of the moon, and year.


Past the sleeping watch of history

The guard-fires, fences and the dogs

As swift and silent as the snow

To our long-accustomed prison.


There to break the ancient chains

And then to lead us one by one

Beyond the ring of firelight

Into His Father’s holy dark.


And in the morning when they came

To kick us back to wakefulness

And lay our earned judgment on

They found there sentenced in our place


An infant, come red and wailing

To a world like a winter sea

They laughed, the drowning and the frost

Who saw their doom, and knew Him not.

Maranatha in November

There is a gun in every hand

And a knife to every throat

And murder sleeps in every heart

From Adam to my infant son.


Come, Lord, quickly to your children

You, the bearer of all grief

Who has breathed and borne and buried

Every daughter, every son.


Call us by our secret names

In the dark behind ourselves

Kill us lest we kill each other

And raise us from our death.

Workplace Health and Safety

The safeguards were neglected
Although the risks were known
(The cost was prohibitive,
The research inconclusive)
And so it’s be unprotected
That I go to spend my hours
With you, Reactor.

So make fast the seals behind me
That guard the outside world.
Ring me round and draw me down
Into your hermetic chambers
Past the lead-lined doors in to
The glow of your great
And terrible heart.

If this is love, I am neither trained
Nor equipped to endure it
For you blaze and are not consumed
I am burnt but not made warm
You radiate as I decay
You will never reach your half-life
But the cancer in me is already old.

So tell me your stories and I will laugh
Sing me your songs and I will listen
Ask me your questions and I will answer
But show me your heart and I will reply
I am not here to love or to befriend
But only to wait and to watch
And to try to survive you.