Monthly Archives: June 2015

Attendant Spirits

We were ghosts to one another
In the house of the wide hallways
The shape that tripped the door alarms
The hand that pulled the curtain back
The mystery that was never solved
In the last year of your life.

Something lay between us there
In the house of your last patience
That hid us from each others sight
Though every day I carried you
From the bed to the shower chair
We have never met each other.

Though I fed and washed your body
In the house you lived and died in
And though you gripped my hands in yours
And held my gaze with ancient eyes
Until I learned what living meant
Still you never learned my name.

But in the end when we are found
There in the house of many rooms
Past all degrees of life and death
We will sit at last together
With nothing at all between us
And with so many things to say.