Monthly Archives: October 2014

Missed Payment

Three letters on a website

And I hear Fenris call again

And the serpent gnawing there

At the roots of the world-tree.

And though the king is baptized

And the old gods dead and drowned

Still I leave my Christian bed

To throw blood on the standing stones.

For Becky and Tyler

Sink a shovel deep

In the company of friends

And bury deep on this good day

Your hearts in one another.

For in this place is planted

And from this day will grow

Something that has never been

And never could be else.

We do not build a marriage

Like a table or a chair

Hewn and cut and shaped

By knowledge or by craft

Some things must be planted,

Deep in the soil of time

Watered and watched and waited for

While the mysteries work beneath.

But when the time’s accomplished

You will join your hands and rest

‘Neath branches low with things

You never thought to long for.

And every year the fruit is sweeter

And every season branching higher

Summer, autumn, winter, spring

Each year stronger by a ring.