Thanksgiving (2010)

In the evening we will praise Thee
For the arch above our heads
for the shoes upon our feet
for these candles in the night
and the sun tomorrow
For the fulness of our selves
and for coats against the frost
For good works allowed us
and dark ones forgiven
For the midst we live in
For rooms full of loving
For our smallness and our need
For our hunger and our weight
For our longing and our lack
For thy rod and thy staff
and thy deep dark blanket self.

You the light in the subway
You the feast in the night
You the kindness in my eyes
and the last, best breaking of my heart
For all the things we are, and have
and have been given by Thee Lord
One more thing may Thou give us
The being in our hearts
the knowing in our heads
the speaking in our mouths
of thanksgiving.

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