Church (2010)

We are not hungry
we are not cold
we are not naked
on the earth

We have warm clothes
we have books to read
we have walls around our cities
we have money in the bank

we have sight in our eyes
strength in our arms
speed in our legs
shoes on our feet

we are armed and well-fed
we are safe and well-read
we will not be murdered
and we will not starve

but when we leave the house it is in disguise
but when we move it is under cover of darkness
and we take our meals as the deer
ready to be far away very soon

Because we are happy and in love
well-fed and taken care of
but we are not at home
and this land does not love our kind
our souls are seeking home
and our bodies are not safe here
and our hearts will be pierced by a sword

and so each week we meet here
and say hello, and I love you
and the Lord bless and keep you
but also we say “Look, I am still alive.
I have not fallen in the week.
My heart is still beating,
and the arrow has not found my breast.
And while I live I will be Church with you
And when I die I will be home with you
For many have fallen
and many will fall
before we reach the walls of Zion.”

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