Advent (2010)

This is the season of evening
This is the dark of the year
Under the hammer of winter
When night is heavy and near

These are the days of the burden
The snow is deep on our hearts
For morning comes too late to us
and daylight too soon departs

This is the dying of the year
frost heavy on our bones
Our hearts beat slow within us now
and all creation moans

This the season and these the nights
we come to gather here
a little flock of candles come
to burn away the drear

A fire is lit, the door is shut
Against the howling dark
but night is long and deep and old
An ocean ‘gainst a spark

So while it beats against the door
and winter rings us round
we reach down into fastnesses
and bring out what we’ve found

The dearest and most sacred thing
brought forth at greatest need
the story that has rescued us
we’ve gathered here to read

To speak it and to sing it out
and to smell and taste it
wear its warmth and see by its light
and to be raised by it

That He who spoke all worlds to spin
And bade the heavens be
Came down into the winter dark
To live as one of we

To know the width and depth of night
To bear the weight of life
To lead his creatures into spring
to know dead winter’s bite

For now its jaws are broken
And now its strength will flee
For now the dying of the year
is made nativity.

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