Underground Train (2005)

Dirty city, pale and weary
Running home with
salt-stained flanks
Sealed and fluorescent
Huddled bodies riding home
To the strains of lonely orchestras.

We need a cup of tea
We need some new music
We need to go swimming
We need to go to heaven
We need more conversation
And less of the silent underground,
Pretending to sleep.
We need the voice of God
And pulling together
To be less afraid
And more honest.
We need warm rain and sun after
Little frogs and clear star light
More running and less reason
We need someone to take care of us.
We need Aslan and Aragorn
Gandalf and Obi-Wan
Dumbledore and Atticus Finch
and Robin Williams in “Good Will Hunting”
We need the right word and eyes in the night
Deus ex Machina and the door kicked in by the right person at the right time
Old stories and a known future.
We need what we loved at five
We need the spring of story and the undying land
We need the maker of the woods
and the writer of the sun.

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