Under The Hebrew Sea (2006)

Under the Hebrew sea
Is not what was expected
The expectation was the fantasy
And all I wrote were dragons.
There is better than imagination here,
With Rahab put to rest.

With the last song ground down
All the world’s rooms are silent and bare
Empty before the coming,
But for the dust of sandals shook.
Under the Hebrew sea
I am not architect
There is a place prepared for me
Old stone and a light in the window.

I have stopped writing musicals of late
And am cutting loose my lover’s arms
My choreography
Always did leave something to be desired
And marionettes were never really her thing.
The dialogue was spare
And the last tarantella
Took a drowning to cease.
Under the Hebrew sea
He reads to us every night.

On a blank shore under a beating sky
I had spent my hope
Fighting with the wind for breath
But under the Hebrew sea
The deep works my lungs in its grip
The moon is faithful,
The circadian tide behind.
While on the forbidding face above the waves
The old man storms empty beaches
Fearing the sea,
To move inland
And stalk the hedgerows
He cannot comprehend amphibianism.

And the currents are a dance
And the pressure is a blanket
And the deep places are known
And the dark is a knowing thing
Brooding over the waters,
that I need brood no longer.

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