Living Room (2007)

In a city by the water
In a kingdom by the sea
Eight bare souls
Of a body on its knees
And a family far from home.

A week is a long time
When living is so large a thing
All this laughter and all this war
And these many days to come undone
But people here know how to sew.

There’s no building He’ll call home
No four walls command Him rest
But in the circle of our bodies
He makes His temple
And calls it good

With foundations sure
And steady walls against the night
A roof for rain to drum against
Making music of adversity
And windows stained with honesty.

So this we weekly build
A place for Him to stay awhile
A place to set down burdens
And loosen armor
And set aside our camouflaged fatigue

To bring the weekly wounds out into the air and light
To tend with steady gaze
To wash with tears of recognition
To bind up with wisdom
And share one good meal in a lean seven days.

To gather together our weekly joy
As children, empty our pockets
Make a pile of small treasures on the floor
To share and to rejoice in
And drink and swim in the little loveliness

Of the body as it should be
Of the city under God
In the city by the water
Made of eight bare souls
Made family.

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