Kolkata (For Kyle and Ann-Marie) (2008)

Today is a bright and singing thing
Voices together we burn like stars
In the twilight of the spring.
A veil is lifted
As once was torn
And for one day the world turns as it ought
The will of the Father
Sets the pace of our hearts
And we remember the first and ancient things
Are as near as the rings on your fingers
That though the world has fallen
And we are a wandering folk
What was spoken over the waters
in the darkness before time
Has never stopped ringing true
And here today, in faith and hope and certainty
One small piece of Eden is redeemed
And what was divided is here made whole
Two embers joined and kindled
Dancing for a night in the Garden again
By the light of the Father
After a day of naming animals.

These two are one, and flying now
East from the altar
Not in exile this time
But in obedience
Lighter by a name
Heavy with our blessings
And never any more alone.
The old home, and the old days
Left in the care of the Father
To cross the sea by night as one.
May the honeyed moon
Shine golden on your flight
To Kolkata
On wings of God.

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